Spring update – What’s new in Appsemble

Welcome to the Spring 2024 update, where we share recent developments and future plans. Stay up to date on news automatically? Subscribe to our newsletter.

What you can expect:

  • Launch of openapps.nl – Apps for municipalities.
  • Presence of Appsemble at the open-source event T-DOSE.
  • New functionalities on our platform.
  • Appsemble training – learn to build apps yourself.

Discover OpenApps, a collection of apps developed by various municipalities, now available to everyone as fully working demos. These apps are made for Demodam, a fictional municipality. Discover which Common Ground components are already operational and how they work seamlessly together. See how digital services work for both citizens and employees, and gain insight into the possibilities for further development.

On June 1 and 2, we will be present at the T-DOSE event. at the Weeffabriek in Geldrop. We will discuss various aspects of low-code development, including the importance of open-source and our experiences with the municipality of Amsterdam as a launching customer. Also expect insights into technical topics such as designing our low-code DSL and automated tests for apps.

New platform functionalities.

We are introducing some additions to our platform. The power lies in the bundling of it: Deployment of AI, but everything on your own infrastructure with full retention of privacy.

The first AI building block

When we think of AI, we think of OpenAI. This is also our first AI-related block. More advanced blocks will follow, such as AI Flow that can combine multiple LLMs (Large Language Models) to perform more complex tasks.

Own backend containers

Although Appsemble is easy to link with external services, it can be nice that there can also be an own backend included in the already existing app hosting. Soon in Appsemble SAAS, but the code is already available

Small improvements

Here are some important updates from the full list of additions and adjustments:

  • Applications can easily be shared from the app store.
  • Appsemble CLI has been further expanded.
  • More and better examples of actions.
  • Code examples in documentation are automatically validated so they always remain current.
  • App import and exports are more complete and now also include screenshots and the README.
  • Forms gained multiple options as input.
  • Apps can now also be published in a demo mode where the data is reset every night.
  • Improvements made for the internet.nl security report.
  • Optional fields in forms are now also displayed as such.
  • In the blocks catalog, words can now be searched.
  • In de blokken catalogus kan voortaan woorden gezocht.

Appsemble training – Learn to build apps yourself

Recently, many possibilities have been added to Appsemble. We have set up a new course that starts in the fall in 3 half-days. For participants without technical experience, we build a number of small applications at a leisurely pace using the graphical environment. This includes: working with forms, database and an external data source. For participants with some technical baggage, we go through the above a bit faster and then go into depth on topics: modeling resources (database), linking external systems, developing own blocks in Javascript. Cases can be submitted in advance that we try to handle, we try to make it as useful and interactive as possible.

Starts in October 2024. Interested? Then email: support@appsemble.com

Build apps yourself with help from Appsemble where needed

Organizations are increasingly making the switch to low-code. Read more about it on this blog on pleio. Contact us for the possibilities. What works in practice is the purchase of a hours strip card. The hours can be spent as there is a need from an organization to:

  • Support of employees with challenges during app development.
  • Online or offline Appsemble course. After this, you will already develop simple apps yourself.
  • Is an app or link too complex to develop yourself? Then we can do that on your behalf.
  • Haven-compatible hosting as SAAS or self-hosted, with SLA.

A visual representation of the roadmap makes it clear what we are working on.

In addition, it is expected that we will publish a few more apps in the fall and winter and further Appsemble platform improvement in the shorter term as a result.

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