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Update: Add your own style and a new block to your app.

CSS toegevoegd

Appsemble now offers a standard style based on the bulk CSS framework. Although this is fully functional for end users, developers may be interested in customizing elements such as their house style and brand name.

Appsemble supports custom styling because developers can upload a hierarchical model in CSS, which is then implemented. Style sheets can be uploaded at three different levels and can be implemented in the applications at three different points.

Low code app bouwen met Appsemble

An application can be styled at server level, organization level and app specific.

You can find more information on our documentation page. Here you will find examples and more explanation about the use of CSS in our editor.

New list building block

With the new list building block, it is possible to make a well-arranged list of an existing API. You can adjust fields yourself based on the data that you are going to import. In a building block it is possible to make the rules ‘clickable’, so you can refer to an internal app page.

Zelf een app maken met onze nieuwe bouw blok List Appsemble

Here a small example of the list building block, on the left the entered code and on the right the result. 

Do you want to know more about the new building block? Then view our list block documentation.

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