for the Appsemble low-code editor


With a form block, it is possible to gather user input and send this to the server. The information can contain the following data: GPS location, text and images.


A simple block that can display content based on the Markdown code.
It can be used to add content to the pages, for example, to process a list of external links, text and images on a page.

Markdown building block


The map block is ideal for displaying list data based on geo data. The markers are displayed with OpenStreetMap. Each tag can contain individual information, this information can be retrieved from your own data set.

Detail viewer

The detail viewer can retrieve information from your own data set (API) or Appsemble API. In the detail viewer it is possible to display text, images and geo data.


Do you have a large list of data to be displayed? The list block is then ideal for converting data data into a list. The fields are generated based on your own data, columns, these are loaded with the use of the schema language.


An action building block can perform actions, these are activated when you press the button. For example, go from your home page (example A) to a contact form (example B).

Curious about all fields and parameters per block?

Visit our documentation pagina for more technical information about the blocks.