Appsemple is an open source low-code platform. In the available low-code editor, basic building blocks are offered to build an app quickly and easily. It is also relatively easy to link data to the applications and the developed apps can be stored in their own store.

Our mission is to build a low-code open source platform where anyone can create user-friendly apps without the need for technical knowledge.

Why open source?

Open source is a good and proven way to allow software projects of any size to grow into something that many people can use and build their own adaptations.

Appsemble has been developed with the following principles:

● Open Source, no vendor lock-in.
● Use of modern standards (PWA, React / Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Oauth2, JWT)
● Pragmatic: rather minimal functionality today than a great app tomorrow. We iterate towards it every day.
● An app is built by creating an app recipe in a human readable (YAML / JSON) format. Building blocks are chosen and configured here.
● Apps should be easy to share, copy and customize.
● Graphical choices are independent of the app and are defined at the organizational level.


Interested in the developments of our platform? Check out our roadmap on GitLab.