VNG bijeenkomst Utrecht OpenApps en Appsemble

OpenApps meeting in Utrecht

For all interested municipalities, a meeting was organized on 5 June together with the VNG.

About thirty municipalities have registered, fortunately, we have managed to reserve a larger room in time. A great turnout for a 2nd meeting. Kurt Isik (Advisor innovations in VNG realization) opened and told, among other things, that the VNG wants to support municipalities in innovations. Kurt Isik sees a lot of potential in the OpenApps platform. He wants to promote that the municipalities work together to build applications themselves. He also makes the connection with Common Ground.

The municipality of Amsterdam uses the low-code editor.

Mark van der Net, CTO municipality of Amsterdam has been able to talk about the ease of use of OpenApps.

He explained what OpenApps has yielded for Amsterdam, what cost savings they have been able to achieve. By means of the low-code editor, it is possible to create applications yourself and expensive suppliers who develop and maintain apps are no longer needed. The internal people can easily make their own changes.

” I like to make a lot with little money. “

Mark van der Net – CTO gemeente Amsterdam

OpenApps does not need external systems to function properly. However, linking is always possible. The municipality of Amsterdam links their own APIs and authentication server with the applications that they have built themselves in the low-code editor. They want to collaborate with other municipalities to share apps and insights. Since there is a lot of overlap in tasks of a municipality, that makes sense. Combined with the low-code editor, any municipality can easily adapt the app to their own wishes.

This is how the low-code editor works

Remco Haszing legt uit hoe de low-code editor werkt van Appsemble - OpenApps

The attendees were given a demonstration by Remco Haszing, one of the developers of Appsemble. He gave a demonstration on how to build your own application with the low-code editor.

During the demonstration, the improved is observation app 2.0 shown, where actions on notifications and filtering are now possible. The filter block has been developed for this app, but is generally built and can also be used in other apps to filter lists, for example.

OpenApps consortium

Everything is open source, you can host your apps and data under your own management wherever you want and everyone can further develop the software to their own discretion.
Nevertheless, we regularly receive a request for custom development or SAAS (Software as a Service) hosting. Kees van den Broek spoke about the possibilities and benefits for members of the OpenApps consortium.

Most common questions

From the responses and questions, we have received in person, via e-mail or by telephone, the most common questions put in a list. Above all keep asking questions, then we know in which areas we can communicate more clearly!

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