Upcoming features and how to contribute.

Get started using templates

Don’t be afraid of our low code editor. It’s very easy to get started. Promised.

  • Just register for free at https://appsemble.app, create a new app based upon one of our templates. It even comes with sample data. You don’t have to stare at a blank screen, just start making edits and take it from there.

… Ok, let’s be fair. Not everything is super-easy yet. If you get stuck, please ask us for help and we’ll be glad to help out (and Linda will improve the UX/UI along with it, so the next person won’t get stuck)

How to join and/or contribute?

  • Build an app yourself, it’s free and we’ll be happy to help you along. We get valuable feedback from you in return.
  • The easiest way is to let us build your app if you need one. We provide consultancy to build you a great app while your money will be spent on improving the open ecosystem. No vendor lock-in here!
  • If you already have a software partner, ask if they can build an app for you based on the open source Appsemble low-code platform.

    In both cases, our advise would be to keep your app recipe private if you’d like to prevent clones of your app, but open source general framework improvements and resulting new building blocks. Everybody benefits.

We’re planning to internationalize the platform and are looking for native speakers of languages other than nl and en who’d like to help on translating strings and documentation. Some technical background will be needed.

What’s coming up next?

In November 2019, we expect to release:

  • Push notifications.
  • XML/RSS feed ingest.
  • Improved authentication of users within your app.

Here’s a changelog summary of what has been cooking in the code department last month.
You can look at code that’s almost ready to be released and you can look at what’s planned to work on in the next sprint of 2 weeks.

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