Appsemble winter update

Many functionalities have been added since the last summer update.
We list the most important updates, but first present the latest (open source) apps.

New apps

Workspace reservation app

There is this app for when we can return to the office. Employees can easily reserve their own workplace so that locations are not overbooked. The app was developed on behalf of the municipality of Amersfoort and is shared according to the open source principle.

The development of this app has resulted in the following reusable building blocks:

  • Microsoft SAML integration (Single sign-on).
  • Division of users into teams.
  • Calculation module taking into account max. occupancy per workspace.
  • Link with external BI systems for further analysis.
Try out the app yourself.

Visitors app

City hall employees can register their visitors themselves via this handy app. The reception has its own overview in which the registered visitors are clearly listed and can be registered. Naturally, the visitors themselves also receive an (optional) notification for confirmation.

Probeer de App hier zelf uit
  • Users with different roles (screens for employees of the municipality, the secretariat and receptionists)
  • Smart filters give the receptionists a quick overview of appointments.
  • The details will be confirmed by email.
  • No-shows are automatically processed every night.

Bread container app

Probeer de App hier zelf uit

The Municipality of Amsterdam combats pests in the city with bread containers. The app is for managers of the containers and drivers who empty them. The weighing carried out by the collection trucks is entered in the app and the container manager is immediately notified of the amount of gas and compost that the bin will generate in green energy during processing.

The development of this app has resulted in the following reusable building blocks:

  • The block map can group markers when they are close to each other.
  • Linking with external XML data sources.
  • Access rights of app users can be set per role.
  • User chooses the preferred method of receiving updates: email or push notification.

New app-store

Apps are now visible in our app store. This app store differs from other app stores on the following characteristics:

  • An app store can be put together per organization. Employees are shown exactly the apps that are relevant to them.
  • The open source apps can be cloned. With this, the app recipe is copied (without data) and the app can be further adjusted if desired and used for your organization.

New functionality

In this news update, the emphasis is on apps. We have described all new functions in more detail hier.

Appsemble pÄ dansk

You read that right, we have become multilingual: Appsemble can now also be used in Danish. Via weblate, volunteers have already translated Appsemble into French and German. 360 Business Tool from Denmark has worked on the Danish translation and will also provide the Danish municipalities with low-code apps. Want to become a partner too? Get in touch and we’ll help you create apps.

Repeating actions

Cronjobs is the technical name for the possibility to perform a certain action at a predetermined time. For example, delete personal data from the database every night to comply with the GDPR.

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