VNG Task Force ‘Organize Together’ meeting

At the end of September, VNG Realization is organizing a PI planning event on the subject of OpenApps. In addition to the initiators of OpenApps, the VNG Task Force “Organize Together”, a substantive expert in the field of NLX / Common Ground and a number of seriously interested municipalities. The aim is to make concrete plans and agreements about the use of OpenApps within the participating municipalities.

In preparation for this PI event, we are organizing a pre-PI event at the beginning of September. There we explore with VNG the cooperation between municipalities that are considering using OpenApps in the short term.

We are not organizing any events around the summer holidays, but are happily continuing to develop more blocks and apps.

For those who want to see how things are going from September onwards, you can watch a video report of our last event OpenApps in Utrecht.

Date: early September 2019 (exact date will follow at the end of June)

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