What is OpenApps?

OpenApps allows municipalities to build their own apps without programming. Unlock your data in an app: fast, cheap and open source.

The OpenApps initiative started at the end of 2018 as a collaboration between Appsemble B.V. and the municipality of Amsterdam with the aim: co-creation to stimulate the joint development and sharing of apps for the municipality of Amsterdam and all other municipalities in the Netherlands.

In 2019, interest soon became apparent from a number of larger municipalities abroad, Dutch government institutions and the healthcare sector. Further partnerships are being explored.

Together with several larger municipalities in the Netherlands and the VNG (Association of Dutch Municipalities), it is being explored how we can further shape OpenApps (for example as a foundation) for continuity and anchor the vendor lock-in promise.

What does membership of the OpenApps consortium cost?

This will differ per municipality. We want to keep OpenApps accessible to every municipality, large or small. That is why the number of inhabitants per municipality will be considered. There is a maximum amount of € 5000 per year, which a large municipality such as Amsterdam pays.

What does membership of the OpenApps consortium offer?

● Knowledge sharing session 3 – 4 times a year.
● Using apps developed by other consortium members.
● Subscription money is spent on further development of the Open Source platform, building blocks and Apps.